[Bioclusters] Sequest Cluster problems

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Nov 25 16:13:10 EST 2005

> The first problem we have is when we start the PVM (by clicking "Start
> PVM" in the Cluster Manager), we always get the following error for Node
> 2, even if "Cleanup Nodes" has been clicked prior to starting PVM:

I've wasted rather too much time on bioworks over the past few weeks.  I
managed to get it working, (master on win2003 and slaves on debian), but
it wasn't a pleasant experience.

A few "top tips":

Before you start pvm on the master, make sure there a no stray pvm
processes hanging around on the slave nodes. (the master tends not to
clean up after itself particularly well.)

Check that the slave nodes are configured *exactly* as detailed in the
instructions. There are a lot of hard coded paths in the bioworks code, so
if pvmd or the ini files are somewhere other than where the docs say they
should be (even if they are on your path) it won't work.

> Does anyone have encountered the same problems and have any solution for
> that?  Considering the fact that we invested close to 40 000$ into this
> cluster (hardware and software costs), we really wish to make it works
> without having to restart our computers every few hours!!

> And does anyone know if it's more stable to run the nodes under Windows
> rather than Linux?

AFAIK the master can only run on windows, so you're stuck with that.

If you want details on our config, let me know.



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