[Bioclusters] Bioinformatics workflow?

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Oct 2 16:08:56 EDT 2005

Hi Jenny,

At first I thought you were referring to Pegasus:


But then I realized you meant Pegasys:


PegasUs and Taverna are designed to work over a grid (heterogeneous systems 
often connected via WAN).  If you're just trying to create a workflow on a 
homogeneous cluster, something like Condor with DAGMan will probably work fine:


But maybe you're also looking for something with a "connect the dots" 
interface.  Pegasys and Taverna are of course two examples of this.  Here's 
another one that I'm aware of:


And the following are (AFAIK) independent of grid and external scheduling systems:


BioPipe doesn't (yet, AFAIK) have a connect-the-dots GUI, but it's based on 



Jenny Gan wrote:
> We are looking to deploy our Apple Cluster in a week and we are very 
> interested in using Inforsense to compose our own workflows to meet the 
> Bioinformatics needs of our institute.  However I am aware that there 
> are at least couple of open sources ones ( Pegasys and Taverna) out 
> there that look promising but (obviously) lacking the extensive 
> support.  My question is, has anyone here been using workflow program, 
> commercial or opened source, and if so how has it been running for you? 
>  I would appreciate your input very much,

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