[Bioclusters] Bioinformatics workflow?

Dan Swan bioinformatics.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 07:33:10 EDT 2005


> We are looking to deploy our Apple Cluster in a week and we are very
> interested in using Inforsense to compose our own workflows to meet the
> Bioinformatics needs of our institute.  However I am aware that there
> are at least couple of open sources ones ( Pegasys and Taverna) out
> there that look promising but (obviously) lacking the extensive
> support.  My question is, has anyone here been using workflow program,
> commercial or opened source, and if so how has it been running for you?
>  I would appreciate your input very much,

If you're gettting the Apple cluster for Bioinformatics with the
iNquiry software installed then they already have a tutorial on
integrating it with Taverna:


Most people involved in bioinformatics research use Taverna here, but
thats hardly surprising as it was work done in collaboration with the
Bioinformatics group here.



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