[Bioclusters] namd on oscar

genie lfs lfs.use at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 10:10:58 EDT 2006

hello all..
i have built a 6 node cluster using oscar..the configuration is
master and nodes on : FC3 , x86 processors , message passing interface
being LAM/MPI

i have tried mpi-povray and tachyon on them and was sucessful..
now i want to run namd on the cluster...

but i am not able to decide what would be my architecture for the
cluster in namd binaries or the souce code...
can some body please help me in choosing my namd and charm architecture...
i have tried using Linux-i686-TCP .. instead of distributing the
process on 6 nodes it ran the same process on 6 nodes .. so obvioulsy
my binary choice was wrong...

please help..

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