[Bioclusters] Distributed Load Management on the desktop

Botka, Christopher Christopher.Botka at joslin.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 10 18:32:49 EDT 2006

Sorry,  sent that too soon. I meant interactive logins on the master node not "jobs". 

Do you run into people using lots of resources on the master node, like compiling or running "test" jobs?  In a past life this was the case for me, so we implemented a resource limiter on the master that seemed to fix that problem pretty well. 


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Botka, Christopher wrote:
> You can get binaries for Solaris SPARC, Solaris x64/x86, RHE, Windows
> and HPUX at:
> http://www.sun.com/software/gridware/ (Registration required)
> The win executables are not the same rev of N1 v6 as the CVS tree, but
> work fine (in our hands).
> There's pretty simple to follow installation instructions available at:
> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/documentation.html
> The biggest challenge is setting up windows domain users to submit jobs,
> particularly if your cluster does not authenticate against your domain.
> But as mentioned below, facilitating jobs submission does nothing to
> minimize the load on you master node.

Thanks,  And yes, the load on the master/login node is reduced when the
scheduler runs on another node than the users log in to.  I'm trying to keep
users from logging on to the head node to use it as a day-to-day shell server.


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