[Bioclusters] RE: SGEqstat Dashboard Widget (Bernard Li)

William Van Etten bill at bioteam.net
Wed Apr 12 12:51:13 EDT 2006

I posted on sge-dev since I subscribe to that one, not sge-users.
I think someone else did though.
Not certain about the SGE version dependency.
It depends on XML output from qstat.
If the brief PHP script I posted on http://bioteam.net/sgeqstat/  
works with whatever version that you're using, then it will be fine.


On Apr 12, 2006, at 12:00 PM, bioclusters-request at bioinformatics.org  

> Cool - you should post this to the SGE list too.
> BTW, does it only work with SGE 6.x?
> Cheers,
> Bernard
>> SGEqstat is a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget for monitoring SGE
>> health and
>> activity.
>> Read about and download this widget at...
>> http://bioteam.net/sgeqstat/
>> Bill
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