[Bioclusters] Bio-Visualization: Porous-Solid Geometry

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Subject: [Bioclusters] Bio-Visualization: Porous-Solid Geometry

I am looking for researchers interested in simulation and modeling
techniques that revise our basic understanding of 3-D and geometry in life
sciences: 1. protein visualization,  2. diagrams of cellular and biochemical
I use a porous-solid geometry. I wonder if there are others with like
My work is geared towards the representation of: 1. folding, docking, 2.
intramolecular relationships 3. practices for the collection and
visualization of screening techniques.
I am looking for academics or 3-d party software developers to collaobrate
with. Please let me know if you or others might be interested in the review
of a position paper based on three poster papers:

Expressivity: Steps for the optical transformation of the envisioning of

1. What are the visual barriers in graphic arts for doing scientific

2. How can optical behaviors improve the expressiveness of a visualization?

Computation: Physical steps toward the envisioning of science

1. How can numerical control, shape a boundary system while still showing
the visualization of complex relationships?

2. Why trap complexity before being given datasets?

Plasticity: Trapping Geometric motives in a 4-D Fractal Space

1. What would a 4-D fractal space mean in the mapping of: barriers, hidden,
and emergent patterns in organic forms: folded, twisted and coiling?

2. Where to go to find new geometric primitives for 3-D fractals?

I look forward to your reply.

Nathaniel Bobbitt


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