[Bioclusters] Gromacs on ClusterMonkey.net

Douglas Eadline deadline at clustermonkey.net
Wed Aug 2 11:35:53 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I thought the bioinformatics crowd would be interested in
our feature story on Gromacs. Check this and other stories on
the ClusterMonkey front page:


 - Parallel Molecular Dynamics: Gromacs
     Excellent how-to and background on cluster
     molecular dynamics using Gromacs by Erik Lindahl

 - User Authentication and Disk Monitoring Discussions
      Beowulf List summary by Jeff Layton

 - Building A Virtual Cluster with Xen (Part One)
     Yes that is right. A cluster on your desk top
     (well a virtual cluster anyway) An interesting
     use of Xen by Angel de Vicente

 - Parallel Programming: A Balancing Act
     More hard core parallel computing from
     resident expert Pavel Telegin

- Power Usage and GigE Switches - Let's Talk
     Beowulf List summary by Jeff Layton



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