[Bioclusters] Which Sun Grid Engine?

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Hi Michael:

You can get official support from Sun if you purchase Sun N1 Grid Engine.  "Sun Grid Engine" is the open source version.  As far as I know they are working off the same tree, and even some previously proprietary things like Windows execution hosts, accounting are now freely downloadable (not open source though).

The users at gridengine.sunsource.net mailing is extremely high traffic, so you usually get pretty good support for questions.

In terms of upgrade - I suppose they have some upgrade scripts, but 5.x is fundamentally different from 6...



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The sun website offers  "Sun Grid Engine 6"  AND  N1 gridengine.

Which should I use?

If there's still a difference, I'm looking for
 the one with the best open source type support
 definitely no proprietary knobs and dangles wanted.

Also any tips on how to to upgrade
 Sun Grid Engine 5.3p6  to version 6?


PS: RTFM is a fine answer as long as you give a link to the FM.

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