[Bioclusters] Ruby Queue

Lee Watkins lwatkins at cidr.jhmi.edu
Fri Feb 10 13:33:33 EST 2006

Tony Travis wrote:

>The Linux Journal article cited by Andy is entitled "Linux Clustering 
>with Ruby Queue: Small Is Beautiful - Using Ruby and SQLite to create 
>Linux clusters that take advantage of idle nodes and bypass expensive 
>software solutions"
>In it, Ara T. Howard says:
>"...I had evaluated several packages, such as openMosix and Sun's Grid 
>Engine, but ultimately had decided against them."
>SGE and openMosix aren't 'expensive' software solutions, they're free!

Maybe Ara meant that he had evaluated other free solutions and wasn't 
satisfied, so rather than evaluate/acquire commercial "expensive 
software solutions" he built exactly what he needed and called it Ruby 
Queue.  But there's still expense because time is dear.


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