[Bioclusters] TeraGrid as a cost-effective replacement for local clusters

don gilbert gilbertd at indiana.edu
Wed Jul 12 14:18:38 EDT 2006

Dear bio-cluster users,

I'm working on general methods to use Grid systems, esp. US TeraGrid
as a replacement for maintaining your own local clusters in genome 
The general idea is to create a set of shared protocols and middleware
such that many groups can use shared grid systems for genome analyses,
rather than go thru the maintenance hassles of setting up and 
each one's own.    The Generic Model Organism Database project 
will be a repository for this shared work, and we hope to have common
bioinformatics tools and data sets installed for genome work at 
TeraGrid sites
E.g. like NC BioPortal, http://www.ncbiogrid.org/,  maybe in 
collaboration with them --
their work is now mostly provides a web interface via Pise-Emboss-etc 
with bio-datasets
  at TeraGrid sites.  For genome informatics, we expect to use mostly 
type access.

See here for genome assembly and analyses on TeraGrid:

Anyone interested in using such methods, please feel free to contact me.

- Don Gilbert

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd at indiana.edu -- http://marmot.bio.indiana.edu/

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