[Bioclusters] Authentication for clusters

Enrique Rodriguez enriquer9 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 15:31:56 EDT 2006

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> Hi,
>  I am new on the list but not new with Bioclusters. I am trying to
> setup an authentication system for our 64 node cluster that integrates
> with our web services (all Apache/PHP based) and our desktop management
> (mix of XP, Mac OS X and Linux). At the moment there's no authentication
> platform for any of these (other then local files). Is there a
> commercial solution that you might recommend that integrates
> authentication among all these plaforms ? I checked on Vintela and
> Novell but I wanted to know what other people are doing. I could just
> run a secure OpenLDAP but its management tools leave much to be
> desidered and our management prefers commercial tools for businees
> continuity purposes.
> Any ideas ? Thanks much,

I set up SGE on Linux Xen nodes.  The site had existing Active Directory 
infrastructure, which they wanted to keep since they were familiar with 
the tools and it already had their user accounts.  I used Samba's 
Winbind service backed by LDAP and both the Winbind and Kerberos PAM 
modules.  It's pretty easy to set up and they can maintain everything in 
AD with tools they know.


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