[Bioclusters] Optimized Opteron Blastall?

Paul Guermonprez paul at guermonprez.org
Tue Jun 20 10:37:28 EDT 2006


as a vendor official spammer (expected yes ?), i've heard that
amd is counting on gcc to have optimized binaries
for opteron, so you can always download a free evaluation
of intel compiler, giving good results with opteron
as far as i know.


On 6/19/06, Christopher Dwan <cdwan at bioteam.net> wrote:
> Does anyone (Joe Landman?) have an optimized NCBI blastall binary for
> Linux on Opteron available online somewhere?  By optimized, all I
> mean is "built with one of those expensive, licensed  compilers,
> rather than the free GNU ones".
> I apologize in advance for the flurry of vendor spam that this will
> most likely initiate.
> Thanks.
> -Chris Dwan
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