[Bioclusters] parallel version of QTL Cartographer?

Zhiliang Hu zhu at iastate.edu
Wed Jun 21 09:00:50 EDT 2006

Go to http://www.animalgenome.org/soft and search for "QTL" you will 
get a list of QTL related software, QTL Cartographer is among 
them.  The resource also lists related web and ftp sites where you 
can find more info.


At 06:40 PM 6/20/2006, Raymond Chan wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was wondering if anyone knew of any parallel version of QTL
>Cartographer mapping software available out there for free?  The closest
>thing I found about it was a paper about parallel QTL Cartographer
>algorithms on Google.
>Any ideas, or any other suggestions for parallelizable mapping?  My
>cluster works great with MPICH, so I'm hoping there's something out
>there already written and adapted.
>Ray C.

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