[Bioclusters] Last Call for Papers - CompLife 2006

Scooter willishf at ufl.edu
Fri May 5 07:24:38 EDT 2006

Dr. Meinl

I was hoping you could give some indication on the expected number of 
submissions and the planned number of papers to be accepted for CompLife 
06. From the CompLife 2005 it appears that 49 papers were submitted and 
21 were accepted. The quality of the papers and those submitting appear 
to be well established research/researchers. I have two areas of my 
research as a PhD student in Computer Science that may be of interest to 
the conference but I need to be selective on which conferences I submit 
papers and balancing paper deadlines and review period. With the low 
number of papers submitted with high quality and low number accepted it 
would seem that a "Student" paper submission may not be a good candidate 
for the conference. I don't mean to minimize the concept of a "Student" 
submission from a content view but being an already established 
researcher in the field carries a great deal of weight I feel when 
getting a paper accepted. My assumption is that you will get at minimum 
21 excellent papers from major research groups and thus a difficult 
conference to have a paper accepted. I do like the multi-discipline 
theme of the conference which works well for my topic of using Mutual 
Information to detect co-evolving pairs in Pfam by filtering on mutation 
events along the phylogenetic tree.

 From a student view of the conference any feedback on the number of 
accepted papers planned and the ability for students to present/publish 
would be appreciated.


Scooter Willis

Thorsten Meinl wrote:

> *** Submission deadline is approaching: 15th May 2006 ***
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> --                LAST CALL FOR PAPERS                      --
> --        CompLife '06   (http://www.complife.org/)         --
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Following the success of the 1st International Symposium on
>  Computational Life Science in Konstanz in September 2005
> The 2nd International Symposium on Computational Life Science
>                   is to be held in
>    Cambridge, United Kingdom, on September 27 - 29, 2006
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Topics of Interest
> The focus of the symposium are computational methods for the
> modeling, analysis and exploration of all aspects of life sciences,
> ranging from effects on the molecular level to complex interactions
> networks.
> Of prime importance for this truly interdisciplinary event will be the
> integration of the three disciplines Computer Science, Biology, and
> Chemistry. The program will consist of contributed presentations
> regarding applicational aspects as well as new theoretical
> developments.
> In addition, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the symposium
> the program will feature not only plenary speakers but also a series
> of short tutorials introducing relevant areas of the specific
> research fields to the audience from the respective other fields
> such as drug discovery, chemical similarity searching, receptor site
> docking, protein structure prediction, data mining, machine learning,
> to name a few.
> Submissions will be reviewed by representatives of all fields to
> make sure that not only the algorithmic aspects are suited for
> publication but the application to life science is promising as well.
> Submissions are sought in (but not limited to) the following areas:
> # Molecular data analysis
> # Systems biology
> # Analysis of heterogenous information sources
> # Human Computer Interaction in Information Mining
> # Computational proteomics
> # Integrative data analysis
> # Statistical data analysis
> # Data mining
> # Molecular simulation
> # Biological networks / Metabolism
> # Molecular informatics
> # Data pipelining
> # Data visualization
> # Large scale chemical computation
> # Data integration/semantics
> # Grid/web services
> # Computer architectures in life sciences
> The online submission system is open now. The link and further 
> information
> regarding the submission is available on the conference web site.
> Student Grants
> A limited number of Student Grants are available for CompLife 2006:
> First priority will be given to full-time students who are first
> authors of papers and present their paper at the conference. Grants
> are handed out at the conference and will be in the amount of a
> maximum of ?500, covering registration, travel, and accommodation.
> When submitting a paper, students should indicate that they plan to
> apply for a student grant.
> Free Life Science Software Session
> A special session about free software in Life Sciences, where
> authors can present their programs, will be organised. For more
> information have a look at the conference web page.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Important Dates
> May 15       Papers due
> June 26      Notification of acceptance
> July 10      final papers and sources due
> Sept 27-29   CompLife '06
> Final versions of accepted papers will appear in Springer's
> Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI) Series:
> http://www.springer.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,4-164-2-73658-0,00.html
> For further information, please refer
> to the conference website:  http://www.complife.org/
> --------------------------------------------------------------
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