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Sorry for the commercial message. I'm absolutely wearing my corporate  
"chris at bioteam.net" hat for this post but I'm posting from my  
personal address because that is how I'm subscribed here. I debated  
for a while on posting a listing URL back to our website or just  
including all the details in a single email.  The single ASCII email  
method won.

Feel free to pass this message along to anyone you think would be  



BioTeam Inc. is a Boston-based consulting and software development
company specializing in the applied use of information technology for
scientific research.

Seeking experienced self motivated "biocluster" types with High
Performance Computing (HPC) skills to support, improve and design life
science research computing environments in commercial, academic and
government facilities. The candidate would join our staff as a
principal consultant.

We are not seeking single-area experts. BioTeam principal consultants
come from different backgrounds but one common characteristic is that
all staffers have significant experience spanning more than one
technical discipline. Ideal candidates will be "smart generalists"
capable of bridging the gap between science, informatics and
information technology.

Job duties can be tailored to suit the ideal candidate but this is
absolutely a "customer facing" position requiring strong written and
verbal communication skills. BioTeam consultants work directly with
clients, individually or as part of a project team. Consultants often
write technical reports and project proposals and are expected to be
comfortable speaking and presenting to small groups.

BioTeam employees work from home when not traveling. For this
position, some travel will be required (amount negotiable) either to
customer sites or to the Boston area for company meetings. Employees
must be able to travel internationally or domestically. US Citizenship
is a plus.

Examples of the types of work BioTeam consultants perform:

- Design new research computing environments for clients
- Translate research requirements into system and IT requirements
- Explain research computing requirements to senior IT staff
- Assist clients with IT hardware selection, evaluation & purchase
- Build, integrate & test new HPC clusters and storage environments
- Scale up existing research computing environments
- Perform benchmarking studies on behalf of clients
- Scientific application integration on HPC "bioclusters"
- Scientific application optimization
- Scientific software development
- Teach end-user researchers how to use Platform LSF or Grid Engine
- Teach IT staff how to manage Platform LSF or Grid Engine
- Design LSF/SGE queue structures & resource allocation policies
- Integrate new lab instruments into HPC environments & workflows
- HPC cluster support (Apple OS X, Linux, MS Cluster Server)
- End-user support for Grid Engine or LSF usage & troubleshooting
- Custom scripting, data transformation & workflows

Partial listing of the type of skill mix we are interested in, the
ideal candidate would be strong in a few of these areas and
about others:

- Expertise with Linux, Apple OS X, Solaris operating systems
- Enterprise or large storage systems (NAS, SAN)
- Message Passing Interface (MPI) libraries & interconnects
- Scientific knowledge or experience in the following fields:
    - Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Biomarkers, Proteomics
      Crystallography, Spectroscopy, Microscopy
- Scripting (Perl, Ruby, Python)
- XML technologies (XSLT, etc.)
- Web authoring & protocols (XHTML, CSS, SOAP, Web Services)
- C, C++, Java software development
- Platform LSF usage & administration
- Grid Engine usage & administration
- ROCKS cluster kit, usage & administration
- Apple server and cluster management tools
- Microsoft Cluster Server
- Project management
- Technical writing
- Comfortable interacting with technical IT and scientific staff
- Comfortable interacting with CSO/CIO/CTO senior management staff

Benefits of working for the BioTeam:

- Small, private, profitable company operating since 2002
- Employees (not investors) drive company focus & operation
- Work from home
- Excellent compensation
- Excellent health & dental benefits
- Monthly technology/operating allowance
- 401(k) and Profit Sharing plans

Questions about this job posting or requirements can be addressed to:
Chris Dagdigian <chris at bioteam.net>

Candidates wishing to formally respond to this posting should contact:

Stan Gloss, Managing Director
Email: stan at bioteam.net
Phone: 978-304-1222 (office)

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