[Bioclusters] boston area: free half day storage seminar on the 19th in Waltham, MA

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Jul 11 12:05:09 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

For those if you in the Boston area next week -- an interesting half- 
day overview of the next generation storage landscape is going to be  
presented in the Waltham area on July 19th. The content of the talk  
will be technical but the event itself is being sponsored by  
commercial interests so there is a slight sales angle to all of this.

I know the CTO who gives these talks and trust the company he is with  
-- they do nothing but specialize in complex vendor neutral storage  
and backup deployments and I've often turned to them for insight on  
what to pay attention to in the storage world (I tend to follow the  
storage/backup markets since they represent my biggest "biocluster"  
pain point and budget item!). He gives a couple of these lectures a  
year and I usually try to attend when I'm in the area. High signal to  
noise ratio with these folks and in fact this seminar is an updated  
version of a presentation that was given at the USENIX technical  
meeting in June.

I don't want to name the company or pass along the full event invite  
to this list so as to keep this forum as non-commercial as possible.  
I'll just attach the seminar description to the bottom of this mail.  
Anyone who wants the full meeting details can just drop me a line at  
"dag at sonsorol.org" and I'll pass along the info.  Unless my travel  
plans change suddenly again I plan to be there.


> Class Description: The storage industry is experiencing a flurry of  
> innovation.
> Proprietary, monolithic SAN and NAS solutions are beginning to give  
> way to open-system solutions and distributed architectures.  
> Traditional storage interfaces such as parallel SCSI and Fibre  
> Channel are being challenged by iSCSI (SCSI over TCP/IP), SATA  
> (serial ATA), SAS (serial attached SCSI), and even Infiniband. New  
> file system designs and alternatives to NFS and CIFS are enabling  
> high performance file sharing measured in Gigabytes (capital B) per  
> second. New spindle management techniques are enabling higher  
> performance and lower cost disk storage. Meanwhile, a whole new  
> class of efficiency technologies are allowing storage protocols to  
> flow over the WAN with unprecedented performance.
> Material has been recently updated to include a discussion of  
> storage virtualization technologies.
> This class is a survey of latest storage networking technologies  
> with commentary on where and when these technologies are most  
> suitably deployed.
> The goal is to help attendees make sense out of all of the new  
> technologies and to identify which are relevant to their  
> organizations.
> Topics Include:
> -Fundamentals of storage virtualization: the storage I/O path - 
> Shortcomings of conventional SAN and NAS architectures
> -In-band and out-of-band virtualization architectures
> -The latest storage interfaces: SATA (serial ATA), SAS (serial  
> attached SCSI), 4Gb Fibre Channel, Infiniband, iSCSI
> -Content-Addressable Storage (CAS) and archival file systems
> -Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) and Hierarchical Storage  
> Management (HSM)
> -The convergence of SAN and NAS
> -High-performance file sharing
> -Parallel file systems
> -SAN-enabled file systems
> -Wide-area file systems (WAFS)

Chris Dagdigian  <dag at sonsorol.org>
Current coordinates: Richmond, VA USA

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