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Bioinformatics 2007

Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain)
11-14 June 2007

Workshop on Collaborative Bioinformatics
EMBnet Annual General Meeting
RIB Annual General Meeting

An international workshop on collaborative Bioinformatics will be held in
Torremolinos during 11 th -13 th of June 2007 in coordination with the
Annual General Meetings of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet)
and the Iberoamerican Bioinformatics Network (RIB).

The workshop will present major scientific endeavours in four main
Bioinformatics areas, with specific emphasis on their collaborative
aspects and on building up prospective ties and collaborations between the

You are invited to register and submit an abstract for
a contributed a posible poster or maybe a talk.
Deadline for registration and abstracts: April 15.


Starting on June, 11 th in the afternoon, specific sessions will take
place addressing current advances and opportunities for collaboration in
major areas, with a final, informal closing session being devoted to
general analysis and discussion of the topics presented taking place in
the afternoon of June 13th.
* Computational genomics and evolution (sequence analysis, multiple
alignment and evolution)
* Structural bioinformatics (structural biology, 3D-modelling and docking
and computer assisted drug design)
* Databases and Systems biology
*Training in Bioinformatics

More information at http://rib.cecalc.ula.ve/evento_2007.html


Raul Isea
by Organizing committees

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