[Bioclusters] Re: new on using clusters: problem running mpiblast (2)

Zhao Xu xuzh.fdu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:08:54 EDT 2007

Hi Zhiliang,
Firstly, I suggest that you run mpiBlast with the default parameters, only
use it with -p -i -d and -o.  If the default parameter works fine, you
should check the system environments: is there any memory limitation? write
access? etc.

If the default parameter can not work either, I think you should check:
1. How many segements did you format the database? Is the number 12? Make
sure you run mpiBlast with two more processes.
2. Can every nodes read in the input sequences?
3. Check your ~/.ncbirc, make sure each node has ~/.ncbirc and each node can
access the directorys written in ~/.ncbirc.

XU Zhao

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