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Luigi Manna manna at college.usc.edu
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  32TB in a Raid 10 configuration in 7U of rack space and fast disks (I assume you mean at least 10Krpm) is not going to happen ! I don't even think it's physically possible with current SAS or FC disk sizes. A Sun Thumper, one of the densest storage server on the market will occupy 4U with 48 SATA (i.e. 7500 rpm) disks. 2 of those setup with iSCSI will exceed your 7U limitation and won't have fast disks. There's a similar solution fron Nexsan (SATA Beast I think it's called) but it's 21TB raw in 4U. If you can fit 2 thumpers in your racks with 48x750 GB drives each you'll have 33 TB in RAID 10 in 8U of rack space (2 drives in each thumper are used for the OS). I don't think you can do better then that.




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>>> On 9/28/2007 at 11:42 AM, in message
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<hurwitz at cshl.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for mid-range  
> storage.  We need to purchase a storage server for our cluster to act  
> as a mySQL database server that has around 32 terabytes of disk space  
> utilizing Raid10.  Also, we are looking for fast disks and a 10-20Gb  
> card since this is meant for a database server and we want to try to  
> minimize resource contention from writing to the db server from the  
> nodes.  We currently have 500 nodes on our cluster.
> What are people currently using for similar database servers?  What  
> has the performance been like when writing to the databases from  
> compute nodes?
> What other options are out there?
> Also, we need to minimize rack space.  We currently have about 7U of  
> space we can use at the moment.
> -Bonnie
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