[Bioclusters] Biomedical HPC Leadership Summit 08 - https://biomedhpc.med.harvard.edu/

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Aug 1 12:22:48 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

Disclaimer: My employer is a sponsor of this event and I'll be giving  
at least one talk there.

Today is the last day for "early" registration to the Harvard  
Biomedical HPC Leadership Summit, the URL is here:


... I'm advertising this meeting because if anyone else out there  
remembers the "OReilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference" from back  
in the day than this new Biomed HPC event is the closet thing I've  
seen to replicating the ORA meetings which were a great combination of  
*practical* IT talks from people working in life science informatics.

In our field we have meetings that are almost exclusively science  
driven (ISMB etc.) and other meetings that are pure-IT  
(Supercomputing, LinuxWorld, etc.) and only a few like BioIT World  
that try to combine the two.

The first Biomed HPC event last year felt similar to the old ORA  
meetings in that everyone in the audience was someone currently  
working in the field and just about everyone had interesting 'war  
stories' or experiences to share.


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