[Bioclusters] Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Feb 22 08:47:46 EST 2008

This meeting may be of interest to people on this mailing list, if  
only because it includes ROCKS and will also host the first Grid  
Engine Workshop to occur in the USA.  The german SGE Workshop held  
late last year was excellent.


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> From: Fritz Ferstl <ferstl at sun.com>
> Date: February 21, 2008 11:31:09 PM EST
> To: announce at gridengine.sunsource.net, users at gridengine.sunsource.net
> Subject: [GE announce] Conference Announcement: Open Source Grid &  
> Cluster
> Reply-To: announce at gridengine.sunsource.net
> Hi,
> please take notice of the conference announcement below. As one of  
> its main tracks it contains the Grid Engine workshop - the first of  
> its kind on US soil.
> It will be a premier opportunity to share your experience with other  
> Grid Engine users as well as other communities. A call for papers  
> will follow soon.
> Hope to see you in Oakland in May,
> Fritz
> --------------------------------------
> Mark your calendar:
> Featuring: GlobusWorld, Grid Engine Workshop, Rocks Cluster Workshop
> Join Users, Administrators, and Developers of Open Source Grid and
> Cluster Software from across the globe at this unique event.
> Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference 2008
> May 12-16, 2008
> Marriott City Center
> Oakland, California, USA
> For more information visit www.OpenSourceGridCluster.org
> At the 2008 Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference, current and
> potential users, administrators, and developers of open source grid
> and cluster software in research and industry can:
> * Learn the latest best practices for using, managing and building
> grids and clusters
> * Hear the experiences of real users in a wide range of commercial,
> research, educational, and biomedical environments.
> * Meet the developers responsible for leading open source grid and
> cluster software.
> * Interact with others facing and addressing challenges similar to
> your own.
> Sponsored in part by Univa UD and Sun Microsystems, the program will
> include tracks dedicated to Globus (GlobusWorld), Grid Engine (Grid
> Engine Workshop), and Rocks (Rocks Cluster Workshop). Other sessions
> will cover related open source grid and cluster software, and present
> cross-cutting material focused on end-user applications and grid and
> cluster operations. With a combination of in-depth tutorials, user
> experiences, technical architecture reviews, discussions of future
> directions, and much more, there will be something for everyone at
> this unique event.
> We are also still accepting conference sponsors.  Information about
> these opportunities is posted on our web site.
> Call For Participation coming soon.
> We look forward to seeing you in Oakland!

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