[Bioclusters] BIOCOMP 2008 Request/Call for papers

avinash kewalramani avinashrk at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 13:05:13 EST 2008

          Respected  Ladies and Gentlemen,
  First an introduction of myself. I am a Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratoryworking on distributed computing infrastructures for BioInformtics applications.
  We are organizing a session in a well known conference named BIOCOMP part of WORLDCOMP
  and the session information is below. 
   We would like to invite you to participate in this session by submitting research papers, report, talks or poster presentations. Also if you know of any students or colleagues who would be interested please feel free to forward it to them too. 
 Your support for this will be highly appreciated.
  The rough drafts of the papers are due by March 15th. Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions.
  Thanks and Regards
  Title of Approved Session: 
      High Performance Computing Architectures for Bioinformatics 
   Chair of Session: 
      Avinash Kewalramani      Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA 
 avinash at lanl.gov
      The 2008 International Conference on Bioinformatics and 
      Computational Biology 
      (BIOCOMP'08: July 14-17, 2008, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, USA) 
  Topic for the conference
   Bionformatics applications possess characteristics such as being resource intensive and proprietary in nature. Resource intensiveness needs to be handled by making the applications distributed. Proprietary and legacy systems need to be integrated across organizational ownership boundaries. The future of bioinformatics will benefit from an “on demand” high performance computing infrastructure that appears seamless to the sophisticated bioinformatics user.  
  Topics of interest which would help in achieving the above goal include but are not limited to:  
        Parallel algorithms/databases and their applications to biological systems.
        Distributed bioinformatics systems using cluster computing and/or supercomputers.
        Distributed architectures for biological applications
        Grid computing architectures for biological applications.  
        Service oriented architectures for integrating legacy biological applications
        Providing Bioinformatics services using Java Web services.
        Providing Bioinformatics web services using Windows Communication Foundation
        Providing Bioinformatics web services using service based technologies like XML-RPC,DCOM,CORBA etc.
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