[Bioclusters] bio data mirroring

David Allouche David.Allouche at toulouse.inra.fr
Mon Jan 14 10:50:55 EST 2008

hi every body

we strongly think that  public data  must  be  synchronize with a public 
software.  so , ...

with 2 others  french academic lab, we develop a dedicate free ( gnu) 
software for
large scale bio Data synchronization and post processing.

  the application is stable and used from several month by all 3 
partners lab for synchronization and post-process various bio data bank. 
( arround 100 workflow have been done )

data post-processing script are also available (in beta - test)  for 
blast , srs , gcg , cdhit, emboss.  after data transfert and data 

depending one script some post-process are compliant with remote 
execussion on pbs or sge.
( if  you use data sharing between all cluster nodes  with nfs ,or other 
cluster fs )

we are looking for  more beta-test for feed back. ( publication is going 
to be submit very soon).

the software is open , it's easy to integrate home made script.
in near future -end of year-, we will provide a  torrent release.

if you are intressed , please let me know
i ll send you  url web site.

regards david

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