[Bioclusters] New version of mpiBLAST available

Jeremy Archuleta jsarch at cs.vt.edu
Fri Jan 18 14:19:26 EST 2008

Dear mpiBLAST Users,

We are proud to announce the immediate release of the next production- 
quality version of mpiBLAST.
This new release incorporates a number of enhancements to the  
program's scalability and portability.
Some of the new key features include:
   * Portable high-performance I/O that works on serial (e.g. NFS)  
and parallel (e.g. PVFS) file-systems as well as when no globally  
sharead file-system is available.
   * Ability to efficiently, and now in parallel, generate exact e- 
value scores for large queries.
   * Scalable database pre-distribution saves time transferring  
fragments to workers.
   * Efficient in-memory caching of database fragments reduces  
repeated I/O instuctions.
   * Distributed with an already patched NCBI toolbox, eliminating  
the need to download, patch, and install it yourself. (Separate patch  
file still included in package for users wishing to run different  
NCBI toolbox version.)
   * Stress tested on more than 12,000 cores while generating 1  
Petabyte as part of the SC|07 Storage Challenge winning entry.

Please visit http://www.mpiblast.org to learn more about how to get  
mpiBLAST-1.5.0-pio running on your system.

(Note: Because this release can run on unshared, shared, parallel,  
serial, and distributed file-systems, version 1.5.0-pio will  
supersede version 1.4.0 and we recommend that all users transition to  
this new version.)

Best regards,
mpiBLAST Development Team

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