[Bioclusters] Fwd: PSB 2009 session on "Biomolecular Networks: From Analysis to Synthesis"

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Call for Papers

A Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2009 session
January 5-9, 2009, Fairmont Orchid, The Big Island of Hawaii

Paper deadline
July 14, 2008

Acceptance notification
September 8, 2008

PSB Session and Tutorials
January 5-9, 2009

psb-bnas at mit.edu

Session Topics
Technology, capable of designing cellular systems for specific functions
and applications, has revolutionized molecular biology via the new area
of synthetic biology- which focuses on design rather than analysis.
There have been numerous recent advancements in synthesizing biological
networks in academia as well as the corporate world. At the same time,
the field still must overcome several challenges.  This session aims to
introduce novel engineering and other mathematical / computational
methods that are successfully translated to yield
significant biological applications. Another goal is to promote
communication and collaboration of scientists from different arenas
through this session.
Papers within the following areas of design and synthesis of networks
are encouraged:  synthetic biology networks, bio-knowledge networks,
and general mathematical/computational methods for network
Some of the objectives of this session include:

1. Emphasize the guiding role that computational methods should play
in the design/synthesis of biological networks.
2. Create a new paradigm whereby biocomputing researchers can take
more active, leading role in synthetic biology.
3. Promote communication and collaboration by scientists from other
areas, especially from mathematics, engineering, physics, biological,
and medical communities.
4. Apply novel network-related methods from engineering and applied
mathematics (e.g. information theory, game theory) from the last
couple of years to biological network design and synthesis.

Paper Submission
Considering the popularity of biological network analysis, this PSB
session was developed to have a special focus on design and synthesis
of biological networks in order to encourage the research in this new
area.  This session deals with both molecular networks (e.g.
interactions, regulation) and supporting knowledge representation
networks.  Both the biocomputing and biological community could benefit
from exchanges of ideas and this could open up new research venues.
This call for papers seeks original, high quality manuscripts which
are not submitted or published elsewhere.  PSB also has a history of
generous travel support.
Please see submission details at: http://psb.stanford.edu/cfp-biomole.htm

Session Co-chairs:
Gil Alterovitz, Harvard/MIT
Judith A. Blake, The Jackson Laboratory
Drew Endy, MIT
Marco F. Ramoni,Harvard/MIT

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