[Bioclusters] Iprscan Installation problem

hajar sadr hajar.sadr at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 12:24:27 EDT 2009

Dear All

I have problem when I installing iprscan on our cluster. It is a LSF cluster
system and I have access to it as a user not an administrator. I already
copied all required files as well as licenses which software needs to
work.The problem is that during  running I get following error:

SUBMITTED iprscan-20090415-14523617
/iprscan/tmp/20090415/iprscan-20090415-14523617/merged.raw unavailable : No
such file or directory
submitJobs: submission failed: failed to execute lsf42 submit:
exited with status 65280<br>Bad resource requirement syntax. Job not
submitted.<br><br><br>To help us solve the problem, please copy and paste
this error<br>and email it to the administrator <a href="mailto:?subject=Error
in InterProScan job iprscan-20090415-14523617"></a>.<br><br>Sorry about the
inconvenience and thank you for using InterProScan.<br><br>

I noticed that iproscan made some directory and files such as "chunk_1" and
"iprscan-20090415-14523617.dcmd" and so on, but I dont know what the problem
is with making "merged.raw" and then finding it.Can any body help me in this

Thank you so much,

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