[Bioclusters] OFED 1.4 packages for debian

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 18:27:05 EST 2009

On 29 Jan 2009, at 12:52 pm, Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:

> Dear Mr. Coates!

Guy is on holiday at the moment, so he won't be able to respond to you  
for a week or so.

> Many thanks for your heroic efford to bring OFED-1.4 to the debian  
> people.

I agree it's been a heroic effort; Guy isn't a Debian Developer (yet)  
and I (who am) have been pretty impressed at what he's done - this  
mammoth set of packages is not the normal sort of thing one starts out  
with when learning to create Debian packages...

> When trying to install your packages in debian lenny I run into some  
> problems.

[ snipped problems ]

> Maybe these problems are due to the fact that I install on Debian  
> Lenny and not on Debian sid.

I think so - as Guy said in his post, he did this work using sid  
rather than lenny, so there are bound to be some backporting issues;  
it sounds as though some packages have changed names, as they often do  
after a release.  Lenny has been frozen for some time (it's due for  
release on Valentine's Day), and that's why Guy was using sid -  
there's no way these packages could have made it into Lenny in time  
for the release, so he decided to make them work on the next release  
instead.  Given that we're likely to want to use this stuff on Lenny  
ourselves, I imagine we'll do a backport if it's at all possible.


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