[Bioclusters] OFED 1.4 packages for debian

Dr. Volker Jaenisch volker.jaenisch at inqbus.de
Thu Jan 29 07:52:35 EST 2009

Dear Mr. Coates!

Many thanks for your heroic efford to bring OFED-1.4 to the debian people.

When trying to install your packages in debian lenny I run into some 

The dependency of the meta package OFED on rds-tools and tvflash seems 
to be not fullfilled/broken:

* There is a package called rds-tools-1.4 but maybe the dependency goes 
to a package named rds-tools, only.
* There is no package tvflash (not in lenny nor in sid nor in your 
ftp-share). Maybe I missed something.

The packages itself install flawlessly when not using the meta-package.

The building of the kernel-modules does not work:

module-assistant prepare  runs fine.

ares:/usr/src# module-assistant build ofa-kernel
The source tarball could not be found!
Package ofa-kernel not installed?
Running "m-a -f get ofa-kernel" may help.

ares:/usr/src# m-a -f get ofa-kernel
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut
Reading state information... Fertig
E: Konnte Paket ofa-kernel nicht finden

This may be due to a naming problem ofa-kernel vs. ofa-kernel-source.

Installation of the ofa-kernel source failed.
Ignoring this package. Maybe you need to add something to       
 sources.list, maybe the contrib and non-free archives.

Maybe these problems are due to the fact that I install on Debian Lenny 
and not on Debian sid.
So please correct me if I did something stupid.

Best regards


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