[Bioclusters] Iprscan Installation problem

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Wed May 6 08:54:11 EDT 2009

On 24 Apr 2009, at 5:24 pm, hajar sadr wrote:

> Dear All
> I have problem when I installing iprscan on our cluster. It is a LSF  
> cluster
> system and I have access to it as a user not an administrator. I  
> already
> copied all required files as well as licenses which software needs to
> work.The problem is that during  running I get following error:
> SUBMITTED iprscan-20090415-14523617
> /iprscan/bin/iprscan:
> /iprscan/tmp/20090415/iprscan-20090415-14523617/merged.raw  
> unavailable : No
> such file or directory
> submitJobs: submission failed: failed to execute lsf42 submit:
> /iprscan/tmp/20090415/iprscan-20090415-14523617/chunk_1/ 
> iprscan-20090415-14523617-blastprodom-cnk1.dsub
> exited with status 65280<br>Bad resource requirement syntax. Job not
> submitted.<br><br><br>To help us solve the problem, please copy and  
> paste
> this error<br>and email it to the administrator <a href="mailto:?subject=Error
> in InterProScan job iprscan-20090415-14523617"></a>.<br><br>Sorry  
> about the
> inconvenience and thank you for using InterProScan.<br><br>
> I noticed that iproscan made some directory and files such as  
> "chunk_1" and
> "iprscan-20090415-14523617.dcmd" and so on, but I dont know what the  
> problem
> is with making "merged.raw" and then finding it.Can any body help me  
> in this
> regard

Use bjobs -l or bhist -l to find out exactly what resource requirement  
the jobs were requesting, and then take that information to your local  
LSF administrator, who should be able to show you what's wrong with  
it.  There's probably an iprscan configuration file you can then tweak  
to change the resource requirement string to suit your local cluster.



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