[Molvis-list] integrate Jmol into *your* project

Miguel miguel at jmol.org
Sat Jan 8 20:46:24 EST 2005

When you are working on grant proposals, think about designating a portion
of your proposed budget to underwrite some Jmol development. ...

Several weeks ago Dan Zaharevitz from NCI posted a message regarding some
funding that is available:


Jmol could play a part in the projecs that are funded under this program.

If you are considering applying for some of this funding, please think
about whether or not Jmol could be a useful component in *your* project.

If so, then I would ask that you consider designating a piece of your
proposed project budget for the funding of Jmol enhancements.

I am an unemployed individual, not affiliated with any university or
research organization. As such, it is effectively impossible for me to
receive grant funding on my own.

But I am always available on a consulting basis to help you with your
molecular visualization needs :-)


Open Source Molecular Visualization
miguel at jmol.org

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