[Molvis-list] A reminder of the list rules [admin]

Timothy Driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Wed Mar 29 16:13:43 EST 2006

hi folks,

I ask you patience for two brief reminders:

1. please post messages to the list from your subscriber address.  I  
have passed along several recent messages posted by non-subscribers,  
because of their direct relevance, but this is more work for me so I  
would rather not.  you are welcome to subscribe under multiple email  
addresses if this is an issue for you (i.e., home and work).   
messages from non-subscribers are entirely at the mercy of the list  
admin's discretion.

2. commercial announcements are not disallowed on the list; however,  
I encourage you to read the list rules before posting your own.  to wit,

Subscribers with commercial affiliations are welcome. Advertising is  
prohibited, but occasional, brief, low-key announcements
of commercial products of interest to the subscribership are welcome,  
as are announcements of relevant meetings, positions available or  

if you do post an announcement, please include a brief description of  
its relevance.  this will dramatically increase the chances that it  
will make it to the list.  again, the list admins reserve the right  
to reject any announcements that may be inappropriate, uninformative,  
or off-topic for this list.

many thanks for your attention,

Timothy Driscoll                                em: molvisions at mac.com
molvisions - see. grasp. learn.                 ph: 919-368-2667
<http://www.molvisions.com/>                    im: molvisions
usa:virginia:blacksburg                         tx: molvisions at vtext.com

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits  
is, of course, in a state of sin."  - J von Neumann

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