[Molvis-list] Rasmol: Ball and Stick Shading in Vector Postscript Output

Michal Charemza m.t.charemza at warwick.ac.uk
Wed May 3 17:33:44 EDT 2006


I am trying to get Rasmol to output a simple arrangement of  
particles, displayed using Ball and Stick from the menu, as vector  
postscript. On the screen, there is "3D shading" on both the balls  
(the spacefill) and on the sticks (the wireframe). By this I mean you  
can see that they are 3D and that there is a light source - each  
object is shaded in a range of shades/colours to achieve this effect.  
However, if I output this as a vector postscript (using the command  
"write vectps filename.eps") then the resulting file only has the 3D  
shading on the balls. Each stick is a single colour, although they  
are each a slightly different colour.

How can I get vector postscript output that included 3D shading on  
the sticks?


Michal Charemza
University of Warwick

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