[Molvis-list] Deadline today: 3Dsig: Struct Bioinfo & Computational Biophysics

3Dsig06 3Dsig06 at weizmann.ac.il
Mon May 22 12:34:19 EDT 2006

Today is the abstract submission deadline for "3Dsig: Structural
Bioinformatics & Computational Biophysics" - A satellite meeting of the
annual conference (ISMB) of the International Society for Comptuational
Biology. The meeting will take place on Aug. 4-5, Fortaleza, Brazil:

Please submit abstracts (DEADLINE today) at:


The scientific commmittee will review the abstracts to select some for
oral presentations. These talks will be in addition to invited speakers
(Phil Bourne, Steven Brenner, Nick Grishin, Wah Chiu, John Moult, Jeff
Saven, and Janet Thornton), panel discussions, and our novel laptop
session. In addition, we will soon open a discussion forum to facilitate
scientific exchange prior to the meeting.

To get an impression of the 2004 meeting (that did not include the
'computational biophysics' topic), see:

Hope to see you in Brazil,

3Dsig organizing committee

3Dsig: Structural Bioinformatics
& Computational Biophysics Meeting
4-5 Aug. 2006, Fortaleza, Brazil
Between the ISMB and SwissProt20 Conferences
3dsig06 [at] weizmann.ac.il

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