[Molvis-list] Bioinformatic algorithm design with reconfigurable computing

Beatriz Navarro navarro at accelogic.com
Wed Jun 28 16:05:22 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to take up this opportunity to briefly point your attention to 
academic and scientific driven course with direct implication to our
industries: PERSONALIZED algorithm design with reconfigurable computing
course. You can see the official communication at

As I am sure you have read recently, Reconfigurable computing 
implemented in FPGAs are 10x to 1,000x faster than traditional parallel
algorithms. Many high-performance computing applications are turning to
FPGAs and reconfigurable computing to squeeze performance for their
biggest computational challenges.

Although the algorithm implementation cycle in reconfigurable computing 
similar in principle to that of a traditional software solution (code a
program, debug, compile, test), mastering the art of reconfigurable
computing requires a paradigm shift in the thought process of the
algorithm developer. Under this new paradigm, you free yourself from 
limitations imposed by an instruction-based machine architecture (known 
the literature as the "von Neumann or software bottleneck"), and open 
door to a liberated world, full of opportunities for the discovery of 
and groundbreaking algorithms, in which you can manipulate the machine
architecture to best solve your problem.

The aim of this course is to disseminate this cutting edge technology
among the scientific, research and industry professionals that can 
directly from it.

If you think you might be interested, please let me know how I can help
you finalize your registration process. However, if you are not 
to attend, I would appreciate your feedback as to what can be done to 
your participation possible for this session, or future ones of similar

I sincerely appreciate your time and responses. Should you have any
questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Beatriz Navarro
Phone: (954)249-4761
Email: navarro at accelogic.com

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