[Molvis-list] Drop in use of this list

Timothy Driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Thu Sep 7 20:26:08 EDT 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 7:41 PM, Dan Bolser wrote:
> Timothy Driscoll wrote:
>> moderation is the only thing between you (all list subscribers)  
>> and  another 4-6 spam messages per day. :-)  in this case, it is  
>> the least  intrusive method for keeping the list spam-free.
>> keep in mind that we do not moderate for content - in fact, it is  
>> the  rare message from a subscriber that I read before  
>> broadcasting.   usually we can tell from the sender and subject  
>> line if it is a real  post or spam.
>> hopefully that puts your mind at ease somewhat. ;-)
> You seem to be saying that the list is not *strictly* 'subscriber  
> only', and to allow for the odd non-subscriber to post you create a  
> heap of extra effort and incur a delay on every post, only to  
> encourage people to subscribe in the first place!
that is correct.  automatic rejection of non-subscribers' posts was  
considered too harsh originally.  while I continue to suggest that  
posters subscribe, it is still just a suggestion at this point.  of  
course, as moderator I could simply reject a non-subscriber's post  
even if it is on-topic - which I have done in the past - but read  
below about not ruffling feathers. :-)

given the recent increase in spam, and the fact that most of you are  
kind enough to subscribe before posting (thank you!), this policy may  
warrant a review.

> You said "this is why we request that you subscribe before posting.  
> otherwise,  it is extra work for us to actually read your message  
> before broadcasting it."
> I guess you mean "we politely request", and not "we strictly require"?
that is correct.

> In the latter case, what is the problem, and in the former case,  
> what is the point?
it was designed to allow the rare topical post from a nonsubscriber.

I believe that the decision to moderate in this manner was made when  
the list moved to bioinformatics.org.  the rationale was that we  
would add a small burden on the moderator, and a short delay in  
broadcasting posts, but we would avoid ruffling the feathers of the  
occasional non-subscriber with an on-topic post.  Eric may be able to  
provide more clarification on the motive, if necessary.

suffice it to say from my perspective that this never struck me as a  
crucial issue for this particular list.

> Why can't you make subscriber posts automatic and only moderate non  
> subscriber posts? Seeing as spoofing has *never* occurred, this  
> would seem the most appropriate action to take, given that you only  
> request and not require that people subscribe.
this is a reasonable request.  I will investigate whether it is  
possible to implement at bioinformatics.org (the listserv).

thanks Dan,


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