[Molvis-list] protein visualisation

Phil Princely phil.princely at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 22:26:34 EDT 2006

hi all

I'm new to this list, and a complete newbie when it comes to protein
visualisation, so I hope this question is ok.

I'm looking for a way to convert a fasta sequence of amino acids into a
picture of a protein. I've used various sites on thei web, but all of them
used a blast like search to tell my proteins which were similar to my fasta
sequence, and gave me their structure.

I don't mind if the representation isn't accurate, because I'm more
interested in whether a change in part of the sequence will have an effect
on the final shape. So I don't need great accuracy, just a rough shape.

I'm pretty sure that this ab-initio kind of protein visualisation isn't yet
possible with just one computer, but maybe somebody could point me in the
right direction.


Phil P.

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