[Molvis-list] Biological units with ProteinWorkshop coming

John Beaver jbeaver at sdsc.edu
Thu Sep 28 11:03:25 EDT 2006

A new version of ProteinWorkshop is coming which should solve the bugs
reported from subscribers to this list - thanks for the feedback. It
also adds biological unit rendering.


An image from this version recently used in a calendar:

http://spdc.sdsc.edu/1aq4_per_pixel_overview.tif (28 megs)


Ribbons of the largest biological unit in the PDB:

http://spdc.sdsc.edu/iedb/protein_workshop/1ej6_big.tif (45 megs)

-          0.2 frames per second on a 3.2 ghz computer with a good
(though not spectacular) video card

-          Requires a computer with 256 megs of system ram

-          For these extra-large molecules, I'll add a rendering
progress bar like PyMol uses.


As far as I know, this means that every molecule in the pdb (biological
and asymmetric) is viewable using ProteinWorkshop.

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