[Molvis-list] please remember to subscribe before posting

Timothy Driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Tue Oct 10 10:56:13 EDT 2006


a friendly reminder: please remember to subscribe before posting to  
the molvis list.  if you do not subscribe, your posting is at the  
mercy of the list administrator. practically speaking, this means  
that I may reject or delay your message if I don't have time to  
verify that its contents are relevant.  (note: the large majority of  
posts from non-subscribers are rejected immediately, to free you all  
of UCE.)

subscribing helps us administrate the list more efficiently, and it  
helps us validate the list's existence as well.  it is free, and  
somewhat painless, and can be done from this url: <https:// 

if you can not recall whether your email address is on the  
subscription list, please send me an email (off-list, please!) from  
the account in question, and I will be happy to look for you.

thanks for your patience.  happy visualizing!

Timothy Driscoll                                em: molvisions at mac.com
molvisions - see. grasp. learn.                 ph: 919-368-2667
<http://www.molvisions.com/>                    im: molvisions
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"All I've got now is a long time, and a slow, slow burn."

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