[Molvis-list] Macintosh Testers needed for Dali/CE

Kenji Mizoguchi mizoguchi at phys.metro-u.ac.jp
Sun Nov 26 22:16:35 EST 2006

Hi, Gille,

I have tried the link you suggested with MacBook, OSX10.4.8.
I do not understand what's going on, but 1ryp works well without error.
CPU works in full and CPU temperature reached 79 C.

iMac with G5, OSX10.4.8 has also demonstrated 3D view well.

At 2:39 PM +0100 06.11.24, Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:
>Testers with a Macintosh are needed
>for for Dali/CE viewer.
>Before the CE-DALI viewer can be released I need to know
>whether it is running with early Macintosh OS-X versions
>and whether it is running on recent Macintosh with Intel.
>Please click one of the PDB IDs in
>A 3D alignment and a 3D superposition should appear.
>The help text should contain graphical elements.
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