[Molvis-list] seeking resources for high school level

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Thu Nov 30 06:12:22 EST 2006

Hi Frieda,

In the past we could not use the BioMolecular Explorer because the 3D
plugin you were using was unfortunately not yet supported for our
computer systems. Therefore we highly appreciate that you change to
JMol and we will certainly use parts of the course for students
training in Berlin next year.

I completely agree that JMol is an excellent choice.

we developed some tutorials which you might find useful.  The Students
gave us positive feedback and had a steep learning curve.

Here are some topics covered by our tutorials:

Tutorial: Comparison of 3D-alignments and sequence alignments

Tutorial: Mixing sequence and structure

Tutorial: Annotated residue selections

Tutorial: Superposition of proteins and multiple
structure alignments

Tutorials are found in the menu Tutorials of STRAP ( google search
"strap" ). JMol is an integral part

Independently of the tutorials you might also form HTML links for
particular PDB codes as the following example
http://www.charite.de/bioinf/strap/ce.php?pdb=1gg2 This example shows
the entire hetero-trimeric G-protein as well as the single alpha, beta
and gamma chains.  It marks active site residues and shows which
sequence regions are conserved in evolution and which are variable.

I hope that this could be useful and helpful to you



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