[Molvis-list] BioMolecular Explorer 3D, version 2 - in Jmol

Frieda Reichsman friedar at nsm.umass.edu
Wed Jan 3 16:35:52 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Eric Martz and I are happy to announce version 2 of the BioMolecular  
Explorer 3D web site, (designed to supplement a secondary school  
biology curriculum) which uses Jmol in place of Chime to present  
macromolecular structures and tutorials. This simplifies the process  
of using the resources in teaching by eliminating the browser  
restrictions and software download and installation steps associated  
with Chime. To visit the site, go to


The original 11 molecules selected for the site are now presented in  
FirstGlance in Jmol. The site has been expanded to include links to  
some general categories, such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids,  
as presented by the Biomodel web site of Angel Herraez (who also  
kindly converted the DNA tutorial to Jmol). A few tutorials that use  
Chime and have not yet been adapted for Jmol can still be accessed at  
version 1 of the site (linked from the BME3D Welcome page).

Coming soon - the updated BME3D web site on CD.

Best wishes for the new year,


Frieda Reichsman, PhD
Molecules in Motion
Interactive Molecular Structures


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