[Molvis-list] ChemAxon announcement: Marvin and JChem 5 released

aa aa at chemaxon.hu
Sat Jan 19 13:17:04 EST 2008

Excuse cross postings.

ChemAxon's Marvin 5 and JChem 5 have been released, to download please 
visit: http://www.chemaxon.com/download.html

Marvin 5 new feature thumbnail:

    * Completely re-factored; new customizable GUI with more
      professional default layout, ChemDraw and ISIS/Draw-like
      configuration options, drag and drop 'My Templates' toolbar.
    * Copy/paste live objects to Word, Excel, etc. (OLE).
    * New chemical features for drawing coordinative bonds and Markush
      features (variable attachment points, repeating groups).
    * New Calculator Plugins for IUPAC name generation and Markush
    * Full listing of new Marvin features is here:

JChem 5 new feature thumbnail:

    * New table types for storing query substructures and Markush
    * JChem Cartridge has improved installation and major performance
    * Progressive return of database search results (very fast first
    * Support for coordination compound and Markush structure storage
      and search.
    * libMCS clustering supports much larger input sets (100,000+), more
      chemical features (ie keeping rings intact, etc), speed
      improvements, R-table visualization
    * Full listing of new JChem features is here:

Hope you enjoy the new features, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards

Alex Allardyce
Dir. Marketing, ChemAxon

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