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Hello Paul,
Glad to hear about the good things you are doing. On a different note, our
house burned down on Sunday from a lightning strike. We all got out ok, but
the house is a total loss. We're going to have to rent for a while during
the rebuilding. Keep us in your prayers.

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Hi Folks,

Groups at Dowling College (with Herbert Bernstein) and RIT (with Paul  
Craig) have been working on converting Rasmol scripts to PyMOL and  
have developed a PyMOL plug-in called ConScript.  Here is a link to  
download a compressed file that contains the ConScript.py file and a  
readme file with installation instructions.


A couple caveats - we're still working on a couple problems we know  
about:   the pause command does not convert yet. Also, ConScipt.py is  
not equipped to handle comments in the .spt files.

Please send us your comments and suggestions. You can send them to me  
at paul.craig at rit.edu or to our group at sbevsl at arcib.org.

Scott Mottarella, the student who has done most of the work, will be  
presenting a poster at the ASBMB meeting in San Diego in April, and  
poster or talk (still waiting to hear) at the ACA meeting in  
Knoxville, TN, May 31-June 5.  Hope to meet some of you there.


Paul Craig
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On Feb 21, 2008, at 1:04 PM, Warren DeLano wrote:

> Dan,
> Thank you for initiating something like this.  A Rasmol emulator for
> PyMOL should be fairly easy to create using just such an approach
> (extend command with Python equivalents).
> Over time, it would be great to add Jmol compatibility as well!
> Cheers,
> Warren
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>> Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I wrote a very basic
>> script to make PyMOL behave a little bit more like Rasmol.
>> http://www.pymolwiki.org/index.php/Rasmolify
>> Currently the script is no more than a quick hack, but I hope to
> improve
>> it
>> over time. Of course you can contribute your own improvements to the
> above
>> version on PyMOLWiki. I hope this may be of some use.
>> Dan.
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