[Molvis-list] MIssion:Immunity, an activity with Jmol

Frieda Reichsman friedar at nsm.umass.edu
Fri May 9 11:36:05 EDT 2008

Hi All,

[Apologies for double postings to those of you on both these lists.]

Just thought you might want to check out an online activity in the  
immunology realm, that uses Jmol for 3D navigation. It is an  
exploration of cell surface MHC molecules, as if you are in a flying  
"Molecular Rover" on a mission to observe the peptides that MHC  
displays. The level is advanced placement high school and undergraduate.

Once you are in the activity, I highly recommend using the keyboard  
for 'flying', it makes navigating the Rover more fun - especially  
combining keys.

http://rover.concord.org/ - click on "Mission: Immunity".

Comments are welcome. I authored the activity with Molecular Workbench  
software from the Concord Consortium. Other activities I've made with  
Molecular Workbench and Jmol are Protein Conservation and Molecular  
Geometry, which use "plain" Jmol, no Rover. These are available from  
the activity above (in Molecular Workbench), by going to the Bookmarks  
menu, clicking on "Molecular Workbench Home" and then going to the  
"Activity Center" where they are listed among many others.

If anyone on this list winds up using these activities in teaching,  
I'd love to know about it and get some feedback (off-list, please).  
There are other Molecular Workbench activities that use Jmol; if you  
are interested, I can provide a list of the ones I am aware of.



Frieda Reichsman, PhD
Molecules in Motion
Interactive Molecular Structures


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