[Molvis-list] pdb-l: working with a file with two models superimposed

Kevin Karplus karplus at soe.ucsc.edu
Mon May 12 13:49:48 EDT 2008

In rasmol, 
	help primitives
	help expression
will explain (somewhat awkwardly) how to select models in rasmol.
I've never gotten things to work *exactly* as documented, but
commands like
    restrict */1 
    select */1 and backbone
work fine.

What I've never gotten to work is 
	select 10-13.CB
or 	select 10.CB
which the documentation implies should work.  I always have to do
	select 10-13 and *.CB
I think this is primarily a documentation problem, though a little
more flexibility in specificying atoms would be welcome.

For example, I wouldn't mind seeing a primitive that allowed
specifying an atom by number, as they are reported when clicked on.
That is, it would be nice to have
	select atom 114 and */1
to get 
Atom: CB 114  Group: TYR 16  Chain: A  Model: 1

This would be particularly useful for selecting water molecules and
hetero atoms, which can be a bit tricky to select otherwise.

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