[Molvis-list] The rasmol 'control interface' (virtual trackball / trackerball)

Dan Bolser dan.bolser at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 10:53:25 EDT 2008


How do I turn off the 'virtual trackball' control system in the latest
release of RasMol? I am running

RasMol_2.7.4.2_23Mar08 <- src
RasMol_2_7_4_2_10Apr08 <- binary

Both have the same 'virtual trackball' style control system, which I
find to be much less precise than the old system (where there is a
direct correspondence between x/y mouse motion and x/y rotation,
independent of where you choose to click on the image). If you don't
know what I mean, its described in the PyMol manual here:


(Although obviously the majority of that manual is not applicable to RasMol.)

I tried searching the list but I can't find out how to switch this
mode off, or better, make the old mode the default. I found some
information here:


But nothing that helps. Actually the above reference does not
accurately describe the 'new' behaviour, nor can I find any
description of the new control system in the RasMol manual. When I use
PyMol I switch it into 'normal' mode with the following lines in my
.pymolrc file:

set virtual_trackball = 0

Is there any equivalent for RasMol?

Thanks for any help - its probably just because I got used to the
'old' system that I find the 'new' version so annoying, but what can
you do? I can do everything that I previously did using the new
trackball style controls, but as I said, I find this method much less




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