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Poly is a program for the quantitative analysis of simple sequence repeats (SSRs) in DNA, such as poly(dA).poly(dT) (a tract of adenines with a tract of thymines on the complementary strand).

The software is still in its beta stage, and there are many features to add. We have placed the source code on Bioinformatics.Org and licensed it under the GNU GPL in order for its development to be continued in an open manner.

Publications (based on Poly)

Zhou, Y., Bizzaro, J.W. and Marx, K.A. 2004. Homopolymer tract length dependent enrichments in functional regions of 27 eukaryotes and their novel dependence on the organism DNA (G+C)% composition. BMC Genomics 5(1):95. |Abstract| |Full text| |PubMed ID: 15598342| |Related articles|

Bizzaro, J.W. and Marx, K.A. 2003. Poly: a quantitative analysis tool for simple sequence repeat (SSR) tracts in DNA. BMC Bioinformatics 2003 Jun 5, 4(1):22. |Abstract| |Full text| |PubMed ID: 12791171| |Related articles|


The source code for development and previous versions can be found here.

The development version of Poly is in CVS.

Please visit the project management page for more information.

If you wish to help with the development of Poly, please write J.W. Bizzaro.