Transcriptomes published in   BMC Genomics

  Regulator    # Up regulated genes    # Down regulated genes 
Glycopeptide resistance (14-4 Vs MRGR3) 35 32
Glycopeptide resistance (14-4 Vs 14-4Rev) 36 27
femAB+backcross 81 56
Epithelial cells -2h- post internalization 343 691
Epithelial cells -6h- post internalization 165 582
Antimicrobial peptide (Temporin) 167 132
Antimicrobial peptide (Ovispirin) 156 127
Antimicrobial peptide (Dermaseptin) 96 198
Ortho-phenylphenol (20min) 149 356
Ortho-phenylphenol (60min) 97 316
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