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VLinux is a Linux distribution and appliance for students and researchers in Bioinformatics. It is based on the well known openSUSE Linux distribution and is built using Novell's Suse Studio.


Features include
  • Complete packages like EMBOSS
  • Sequence alignment programs like ClustalX
  • A standalone NCBI BLAST installation with a web-interface (wwwblast)
  • BioPython, BioPerl and other programming tools and libraries
  • Version control systems
  • Tools for managing bibliographies
  • PostgreSQL RDBMS
and more. A complete list of features is available here.


An alpha version is now available for download and test purposes. Please note that this version has undergone limited testing and will obviously have bugs.


For questions related to the usage of various programs included please consult the documentation or website of those programs. For issues with VLinux itself, please post them to the mailing list or request support in the forums. You could also submit a bug report.

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